Back to Basics

I have been a little nervous about coming back to blogging. I had it all planned out a couple of months ago, but when I sat down to write all these thoughts crept in. ”Your first post back should be one of your best.” ”You still haven't imported your archives from the last decade!” ”Do you really want to start again?”

I finally sat down and just started writing. As I said before, I've missed this space, having something of my own, the process of writing and creating a post.

I wasn't going to do a word for the year but one, in particular, keeps coming back to me. More on that in another post. For now, a little of what we've been up to lately.

Last weekend, Winter Storm Gina left us with A LOT more snow than was predicted but as you can see, the kids didn't mind. This weekend, we are currently indoors waiting out Winter Storm Harper.

Winter Storm Harper in Ohio
Spoonful of snow
Sibling love
Reading in bed
Target wall decor
Black Girls Rock and Coffee

This feels a little weird for me. I have a lot to say but also unsure of what to share now and save for later.
There are pieces of posts in the notes section of my phone, in my journal and in draft. Moving from Wordpress to Squarespace was more difficult than expected, and things aren't exactly the way I want but I have to start somewhere or I’ll never start. Guess I really just wanted to pop in and say hi, it's good to be back.