Monday Musings

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, re-evaluating how I spend my time and, how I use my blog and Instagram now vs several years ago. Wondering if I'm truly making an impact in the ways I want and the people who follow me need. I love that social media allows me to connect with people from all over the world while providing a source of income for my family, but keeping track of algorithms/engagement/blog stats/likes/follows can take the joy out of it sometimes. Do I still enjoy this? Am I making a difference? What I'm I afraid of?  Should I be doing something else? Is this what God wants for me and am I making the best use of my gifts and talents? Does my voice even matter?

So I took a big step back before St Louis and during the trip because I never set out to work with brands, do collaborations, or sponsored posts back in 2009. 

I just wanted to document our daily life. The way I document our life has changed as my kids get older and ask me to share or not share something, and I respect that. I've been working on figuring out the best way for me to balance doing what I love in a meaningful way while still documenting and sharing pieces of our daily life without getting caught up in the numbers. Maybe it's time for me to start something new, or find new ways to enjoy the old things I love?

I know that no matter what I do or which direction I go, writing and photography is involved. It's coded into my DNA - I see the world, in pictures, colors, and words.