Low-Interest Rate Hype vs Transparent Financial Partners

I’ve been semi-quietly working on a few business ideas and recently decided the best way to move forward would be to take out a short-term loan.

You may remember my post from a few months ago where I talked about how I’ve been repairing my credit. I don’t know what the future holds, but I want to continue helping people through my work, and I am very glad my options for moving toward financial peace have improved. I have a much better understanding of how credit works and why maintaining a good credit score is important, I’ve been making sure I’m well informed on how short-term loans work, along with choosing a reputable and transparent financial partner.

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For reference here are those credit score stats again:

50% of people with a credit score under 680 are rejected when seeking new lines of credit from big banks. Such as credit cards, loans and other lines of credit.

40% have below prime scores and 44% are unable to cover an emergency such as auto or home repairs.

In California wealthy legislators are looking to dictate to working families if, when, and under what circumstances they should be allowed to have credit.

Reference this article.

We see and hear low interest rates and get happy, but what many of us don’t realize is that these low interest rate lenders are able to provide these low rates because they’re adding hidden fees, costs, and add-on products within their contracts.

A transparent financial partner believes:

• Every American has the right to credit.

• The right to transparency: you may pay a higher interest rate but you will also understand all fees and costs associated with said interest rates.

• The right to privacy: no contacting friends, family, or employers. Who wants to add worry about what those close to them may think, or have people in your business when you’re trying to pay bills, repair credit, and live the best way you can?

• The right not to be sued over small debts.

Basically, you have a right to credit with no strings attached. No pressuring you into signing a contract with terms that you did not agree upon, or extras you don’t need like credit insurance or debt protection.

Reference this article.

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