The Mahogany Way
The Mahogany Way
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Darcel White

Hey! Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit with me for a bit. Grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and enjoy.

Several things about me that may be of interest to you…
I’m a single mom of three, coffee enthusiast and style junkie.
I love peanut butter and chocolate, together or separate.
Sometimes I go through phases where I collect lipgloss, and I have a healthy shoe collection.
I am also a Asthma, Autism and Food Allergy Advocate.
We are a Child-Centered Unschooling family making memories in Ohio. That means I follow my children’s interest - not a set curriculum.

I’m also a totally sane cat lady who hangs out on Instagram quite a bit.

We were featured on Good Morning America {the 2:28 mark} in a segment on Homeschooling.

I’ve written for Baby & Blog and The Natural Parents Network.
Made the list of Everyday Eyecandy’s 25 Black Mom Instagrammers Giving Us Life Right Now. Featured on the Huffington Post, Mater Mea’s 10 Black Homschool Moms You Should Follow and She Knows 10 People You Should Be Following If You Care About Your Kid’s Education.

I like to be transparent and share more than the highlight reel of my life.
My goal is that you leave my blog feeling encouraged and inspired.

I enjoy getting to know the people who make this community possible.
Feel free to send me an email at anytime.

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** I do use affiliate links on this website. They help support my family.
If you make a purchase through one of these links or banners, I will receive a small commission.